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Anita Hollerer-Squire |   Life Coach 

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I’m originally from Austria and have made New Zealand my home. After many years of living in different countries and working in a very stressful Sales & Marketing role, I  decided I needed to take better care of myself and lead a healthier and more mindful life.  A complete lifestyle change was in order – I quit my job and began a 3-year study with Coach University to become a Life Coach.  In 2004 I started coaching my first clients and since then have worked with many people and led a variety of workshops.

Over the last 5  years I also trained as a fitness trainer and advanced clinical weight loss practitioner and have started Body & Mind For Life in 2015.

I love the life I have created and feel very fortunate to have a wonderful husband, amazing daughter, fantastic lifestyle and the ability to help others build a rewarding life.

Just like everyone else, I had my share of ups and downs, self doubts and worries but I now have the skills to handle negative emotions and know how to control my mind.

So many people settle for a mediocre life – either because they can’t see a way out, are scared of change or their situation isn’t bad enough and it’s easier to stay in status quo. But we only have this one life – why settle for an average life, if it could be an amazing one? When you come to the end of your life, you want to be able to die without regrets.

I am a strong believer in mapping out your own life and creating a healthy, happy lifestyle with a mind-over-matter approach.  

Whether you want to reduce stress, create a meaningful life or overcome depression, anxiety and low self-esteem – you have come to the right place. If you want more out of life and are ready for change, then take the first step now and give me a call.

My mission is to empower you to live a happier & healthier life.  My promise to you is that you will walk away feeling better, achieving more and becoming the person you want to be.


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“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your time and support. My life seems to have moved forward so fast in many different ways, and is so much better than when I first came to see you, Anita! The coaching has been very special, inspiring and insightful for me. I know I still have a long way to go but now I have some good foundations to work on!! So thank you once again for your kindness!”

 – Jo, New Zealand

 “I consider myself not to be an easy sell. I don’t waste time or money on things that I consider just ok. Although skeptical at what benefits a life coach provides, it was probably the best spend of my life.  What coaching did for me was relief my stress by having someone to communicate the difficulties I face weekly with my company and receiving constructive, positive feedback on how or better ways to deal with it. Also my relationship with my family is fantastic and life is now great. Thanks, Anita.”

 – Steve Purcell, New Zealand

 “The life coaching sessions with Anita were invaluable to me. The biggest thing for me was learning to put my needs first. Everything that came from that understanding helped me be myself and do what I wanted to do.”

 – Elaine Walsh,  New Zealand

 I really appreciated our time together, Anita. Coaching was really valuable for me. I felt like my home life was starting to spin out of control, with so much happening all the time. You gave me a timely reminder of how important time is and how allowing me to step back sometimes and smell the roses can change the outlook of my day. I feel more settled now and am definitely thinking more positively. Healthy body, healthy mind.

 – Bernie Keating, New Zealand

 “You are a wonderful listener, Anita! I came to you in a difficult time for me and you have helped me get through it. I don’t know if I could have made it without your support. Words can’t express what those coaching sessions meant to me. I am forever grateful!”

 – Kenny, California



Kristin Liggins B.D.S  |   Coach / Mentor 

kristinbw I had 20 years in a rewarding career as a Dental Surgeon before then retraining in 2001 as a life coach. The lessons learnt in the health sector, dealing with thousands of people, are powerful ones, that I have now brought into my life coaching company.

My first experience of life coaching helped me make successful changes in my own life ,which has made me extremely passionate about, now enhancing other people’s lives, by helping them learn skills that will allow them to make successful and positive change.

I have lived my life to the fullest and I constantly strive to reach my goals by effective planning and organizing. I am highly motivated and believe you must be constantly setting new and exciting goals as you transition through the different phases of life.

I know through personal experience that there are highs and lows, happy and sad times in life. But I also know that we have the resources inside us to meet the challenges life presents us.I have navigated myself through separation , suicide of my ex husband,  subsequently remarrying and managing a blended family to financial freedom, a happy and fulfilling life following my many passions.The skills I learnt through life coaching have enabled me to do this successfully.

My own life experiences, which are vast, have allowed me great insight, and this linked with the skills I have acquired through learning to be a life coach, have enabled me to deliver coaching to many clients over the last 12 years.

Read my testimonials here

“Life Coaching gave me the skills to prioritise and the confidence to face a new challenge.”
Dame Susan Devoy

“Your programme enabled me to set realistic goals and manage my time more effectively in order to follow my dream. Even though my grid of life isn’t fully completed, by knowing what the missing pieces are, I am able to take action to find them, helping me live my life passionately.”
Chef for a night

“Life coaching gave me the skills to be able to set goals and a structured pathway to achieve those goals.”

“Life coaching made me become more conscious of my critical and positive sides and the power that they have. The programme has made me more aware of myself and has greatly increased my self confidence.”

” I have found coaching very useful in a number of situations in recent years to support and assist me to work through challenges and barriers that have been holding me back. I appreciate Kristin’s style as her positive approach along with extensive life experience means Kristin can suggest some great strategies and a practical solution focused perspective which I’ve found extremely helpful.”