As life becomes increasingly frantic with most of us working longer hours, commuting, juggling home and work lives, many of us crave simplicity.

If you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed, downsizing is an option you may consider.  Whether you choose to leave the rat race or purely review your priorities, here are 5 top tips for simplifying your life.

1. Think of your big picture

Life may be passing you by ,as you live out your regular routines.  Fast forward 5 years in your mind and imagine your ideal life scenario – what will you be doing, where will you be, with whom?  Identify the gap between your ideal scenario and your current reality.

Look for what is missing in your current life, or what you need to add, or improve ,to simplify your life

2. Take a simple approach to time management

You don’t really need high tech time management systems to be efficient or productive.  Identify your top priorities and honour them every day.  By doing this you will minimise personal time traps and work to a schedule, that suits your circumstances.

3. Take control of your finances once and for all

A frightening prospect for most of us! Before you even start thinking about working out a realistic budget, give yourself a reality check to determine exactly how you are spending money. Collect all your receipts and bank statements to help with this.

Reviewing your finances gives you the ultimate snapshot of how you are living your financial life and where your spending priorities truly lie. It will also highlight areas you could automate and simplify to reduce further stress and worry.

4. Clear clutter

Clearing clutter is an instant quick fix for simplifying your life at home and work.  Start with commonly cluttered areas that you regularly use like kitchens, wardrobes and desks.  Clear all surfaces, drawers and cupboards and only return the items you really do use.

Even the car and your backyard can be given the once over to eliminate junk you no longer want or use.  You may choose to sell or recycle items you no longer want.

5. Slow down and enjoy the things that really matter

Once you are aware of your personal priorities it will certainly put your life into perspective.  Have your own fun for fun’s sake – mountain biking, rollerblading with your family, pottery class, a day out at the zoo or even watching a good comedy.

You just can’t enjoy life if you are not doing fun things that stimulate you.  Consider taking up hobbies from years gone by or discover new engaging interests. Enjoy yourself by doing fun activities with people you love.