One on One Life Coaching – face to face or via internet

We believe that you are the expert of your life, and you have all the resources you need within. Negative circumstances and past baggage may be obstacles to good decision making by your inner boss. We will show you how to rid yourself of this negativity.

We will motivate you to set exciting and challenging goals. We will leave you with a comprehensive toolset which will allow you to take ownership of your life.

You will benefit: if you are struggling with lifestyle balance, redundancy, lack of job satisfaction, restructuring at work, lack of motivation, unhealthy relationships, stress, depression.

  • Cost: $115   1 hr session
  • Cost: $600   6 x 1 hr sessions

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One on One Wellness Coaching – face to face or via internet

Are you (or have you previously been) suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression or other illnesses? Do you want to know how to avoid getting sick in the first place?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, here’s the good news: You can make a change right now by taking charge of your body & mind.

Toxins, bad eating habits, sedentary and stressful lifestyles are major contributors to diseases. For you to be well – in body & mind – you need to address all of that. You need to eat food that nourishes you, understand how toxins, pesticides and other chemicals impact your health and pay attention to your mental state.

Did you know that 90 – 95 % of cancers and many other diseases are due to lifestyle factors? Certain foods, stress, chemicals and lack of exercise can alter your cells and speed up the process that leads to disease.

While conventional medicine certainly plays a big role and saves many lives, most doctors focus solely on treating symptoms rather than taking a holistic approach and looking for the cause of the problems.

In our wellness coaching sessions we will work through everything you need to know to protect your health. From the food you eat, to the chemicals you use on your body and around your home, to dealing with stress and other negative emotions.

 Our wellness sessions can be over the phone/internet or in person in Kingsland, Auckland.

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  • Cost: $115   1 hour session