Self Improvement Book – Switch for Tomorrow

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” I read your book and LOVE it. Your life and experiences are amazing…. I couldn’t put it down! I can relate to heaps of things in your story…as I am sure many others will also. Living in the NOW needs to be everyone’s mantra…. but we all slip into old habits like hanging onto past negativity and need reminding to appreciate all the wonderful things we have, i.e. family, friends, health, a wonderful country, etc. Your clear explanations are so easy to understand and relate too.” Christine

Authors Note: Kristin Liggins – The Life Coach

I am a positive, proactive, intelligent being and yet for nearly 20 years I lead a life not being true to myself because I did not know how to change my thinking. I was stuck in a rut, trapped by my inability to find a solution to my circumstances.

kristinbwHow many of you can relate to the situation I found my self in?

Perhaps you are unhappy in your current relationship or your job?

For me, I felt there must be something better that would fulfill me more and bring me joy into everyday, not only in my career but also in my marriage.

I know I was not on my own. I know hundreds of people daily find themselves in the same predicament – yearning for a better life, to feel more fulfilled and happier but for some reason we put up with things and accept an average life rather than seeking an awesome one.

Sometimes we even pretend to the outside world that we are okay; when in reality we are hurting, stressed, and not sleeping. We can function at this level but don’t we deserve to be the happiest we can?

So why is it that we put up with things and don’t allow ourselves to dream and go after an awesome life?

Because change is hard. Humans being resist change, most of us avoid it at all costs. But by avoiding it we can create even bigger problems, such as lost opportunities, broken relationships or sometimes a wasted life. Many people who really do need to change are drifting along with no real purpose and no joy, feeling as they are traveling down a dead end street.

I have since found that Change is not something to fear just something you have to learn how to do. Just like riding a bike or learning something new on the computer.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf ” Dr Jon Kabat

So why should be make all this effort to change; because the most common regret of the dying is that they didn’t live their life true to themselves. Who wants to die with regrets?

I found the secret to change back in the year 2000. Desperation forced me to find help in the form of life coaching. I have not looked back since and have gone on to a happy, fulfilled life.

It is truly amazing what you can achieve with a supportive, positive coach on your side. Your life coach can drill down and uncover stuff you weren’t even conscious you were thinking, that has been keeping you stuck in your rut. You will rid yourself of your past baggage. Coaching will motivate and inspire you to pursue what you love and be who you want to be.

Don’t waste another minute, stop pretending, go and find out how to live an awesome life!! It worked for me and now I want to see others doing the same.