What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is the catalyst for you to achieve whatever you want in self improvement. Your coach will guide, teach and support you. It’s possible to make big changes in your life, be happier and more balanced, less stressed and live the life you really want, whether related to your career or personal life.

Why do I need a Life coach?

You will either be someone who knows what your goal is, but there is some obstacle to you reaching it, or you need to learn how to set rewarding goals as your life has no real direction at present and you are stagnant.

Whenever we are unable to accomplish what we want, something very important is hindering us. Something so compelling and so powerful that even the greatest efforts of willpower cannot prevail.

The only effective way to accomplish the change we seek is to understand and overcome the powerful hidden motives that keep us fixed in our present behavior. These deep motives are called ‘core beliefs’. These beliefs are those deep down thoughts that can be unpleasant and you try to block them from your conscious thoughts.

…. You must not.

TLC will help you and guide you through this time.

Most people have some beliefs that dominate their lives and on occasion can create difficulties. These beliefs have been formulated usually to protect us from any pain, especially disapproval and rejection. Therefore, to change you must take responsibility for your fears and the resulting need to protect yourself. Most behavior is self-protective.

TLC will stop you judging yourself negatively.

By gaining self awareness, you will start feeling better about yourself and will not feel the rigid need of protection, and you will feel confident to risk change.

Wheel of Life

Our programmes involve teaching you skills in the eight aspects of life, shown in TLC’s ‘Wheel of Life’.

What areas do you need to gain new skills?



How does this work

  • TLC will start by exploring what it is that you want to change in your life
  • If we can encourage you to change the focus of your mind, you can change your life
  • TLC will encourage proactive ways to increase personal well-being

How will TLC do this?

  • By non–judgemental, unconditional support to turn your dreams into achievable goals
  • By helping you find the way to where you want to go
  • By sitting beside you on your journey
  • By encouraging you to look forward from where you are, to where you want to be
  • By gently challenging you to set, and reach your goals
  • By praising you for what you achieve

How do I start?

Achieving your goals begins with reflection upon your beliefs and values on which you have based your previous life

  • You require the motivation and the willingness to listen, make choices and take the action on direction from your coach
  • You need to commit to learning new skills, seeking knowledge that you require in the areas you desire growth and be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your coach


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