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TLC The Life Coach will help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Why accept an average life when you can have an awesome one? Don’t fear change, it is just something to learn how to do.

At TLC The Life Coach we guarantee you will be learning from experts in the fields of life coaching, personal development and self-improvement. At TLC The Life Coach we have all experienced change that has resulted in us being happier and more fulfilled, and are now leading the type of life we want to, being true to ourselves. We acknowledge you need courage to seek help. We want to be the people you trust to support you.

You will be amazed how quickly you can create a better life by learning how to dump your past baggage and make the right choices. Whether you are divorced, stuck in an unhappy relationship, have no relationship, unhappy in your current job, been made redundant, struggling with your finances, or stuck in a rut and stagnant, life coaching or a personal development programme can change your life.
You deserve to be happy, and enjoy every day. Don’t waste another minute.


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*Conditions: At the consult you will tell me about yourself and what you wish to change or achieve. I will then tell you how we coach and how we can help. If you want to go ahead we will continue with a session and you will be invoiced. However if you do not want to go ahead there is no charge.
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Time for change?


“I read your book and LOVE it. Your life and experiences are amazing…. I couldn’t put it down! I can relate to heaps of things in your story…as I am sure many others will also. Living in the NOW needs to be everyone’s mantra…. but we all slip into old habits like hanging onto past negativity and need reminding to appreciate all the wonderful things we have. Your clear explanations are so easy to understand and relate too.”
“Your programme enabled me to set realistic goals and manage my time more effectively in order to follow my dream. Even though my grid of life isn’t fully completed, by knowing what the missing pieces are, I am able to take action to find them, helping me live my life passionately.”
Chef for a night,
“Life Coaching gave me the skills to prioritise and the confidence to face a new challenge.”
Dame Susan Devoy,
“Life coaching made me become more conscious of my critical and positive sides and the power that they have. The programme has made me more aware of myself and has greatly increased my self confidence.”
“I have found coaching very useful in a number of situations in recent years to support and assist me to work through challenges and barriers that have been holding me back. I appreciate Kristin’s style as her positive approach along with extensive life experience means Kristin can suggest some great strategies and a practical solution focused perspective which I’ve found extremely helpful.”