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Kristin Liggins B.D.S  |   Coach / Mentor 

kristinbw I had 20 years in a rewarding career as a Dental Surgeon before then retraining in 2001 as a life coach. The lessons learnt in the health sector, dealing with thousands of people, are powerful ones, that I have now brought into my life coaching company.

My first experience of life coaching helped me make successful changes in my own life ,which has made me extremely passionate about, now enhancing other people’s lives, by helping them learn skills that will allow them to make successful and positive change.

I have lived my life to the fullest and I constantly strive to reach my goals by effective planning and organizing. I am highly motivated and believe you must be constantly setting new and exciting goals as you transition through the different phases of life.

I know through personal experience that there are highs and lows, happy and sad times in life. But I also know that we have the resources inside us to meet the challenges life presents us.I have navigated myself through separation , suicide of my ex husband,  subsequently remarrying and managing a blended family to financial freedom, a happy and fulfilling life following my many passions.The skills I learnt through life coaching have enabled me to do this successfully.

My own life experiences, which are vast, have allowed me great insight, and this linked with the skills I have acquired through learning to be a life coach, have enabled me to deliver coaching to many clients over the last 12 years.

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“Life Coaching gave me the skills to prioritise and the confidence to face a new challenge.”
Dame Susan Devoy

“Your programme enabled me to set realistic goals and manage my time more effectively in order to follow my dream. Even though my grid of life isn’t fully completed, by knowing what the missing pieces are, I am able to take action to find them, helping me live my life passionately.”
Chef for a night

“Life coaching gave me the skills to be able to set goals and a structured pathway to achieve those goals.”

“Life coaching made me become more conscious of my critical and positive sides and the power that they have. The programme has made me more aware of myself and has greatly increased my self confidence.”

” I have found coaching very useful in a number of situations in recent years to support and assist me to work through challenges and barriers that have been holding me back. I appreciate Kristin’s style as her positive approach along with extensive life experience means Kristin can suggest some great strategies and a practical solution focused perspective which I’ve found extremely helpful.”




Elizabeth Busch |   Certified Professional Life Coach 

Based on my training with the internationally certified Leadership That Works program, my coaching approach revolves around awakening your personal power so that you can live an authentic and joyful life.

New Zealand born, I’ve studied and worked in the United States, Canada, and Germany. I’ve completed a Master’s in Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Human-Computer Interaction, and worked as a senior user researcher for several multi-national companies.
In 2010 I quit my well-paid job at Nokia in Berlin, sold my belongings, and set out on a year-long adventure of sailing across the Pacific on a 12-meter yacht.

This was a journey that helped me understand what it truly means to ‘feel alive,’ and my talent and focus as coach lies in helping each of my clients create that sense of connection and richness for themselves in their daily lives. I’m proud to bring together a powerful set of tools and techniques that will help you discover your passions, purpose, and sense of fulfilment in life. More than that, I will support you in creating structures of habit and thought that will work to improve your relationships and mindset, and set you on a positive trajectory in life and love.

I work with clients of all ages and life situations. Using trusted methods, we will work together to identify the parts of you that have been languishing up until now, bust through the limiting beliefs and ‘inner gremlins’ that have been holding you back, and open up a sense of creativity and hope around what is possible in your life – today, and in the future.

As a coach I bring a depth of humour, respect, love and compassion that will buoy you and give you hope. Importantly, I’m not going to shy away from holding you responsible to your highest hopes and dreams.

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“If you want to get into a fantastic frame of mind, improve your relationships, and connect with parts of yourself you’ve never connected with before, then sign up with Liz … this is deep work that opens up so many possibilities in life. Well worth the investment.”
Trudie, Auckland

“My sessions with Liz were the highlights of my week. I was not in a good place when I started but now I feel full of energy, optimism, and happiness. My friends have noticed my changes and mentioned that I look happy again. I have also started up a business of my own and have been meeting new clients. I am so grateful and thankful to Liz. The most valuable thing I can say is that Liz will not tell you what or who to become but will gently guide you to a place where you can happily and confidently decide that for yourself.”
Sophie, Auckland

“Liz’s coaching had a massive impact on how I live my everyday life. Thanks to Liz, I’m currently on the right path and very happy with where I’m going. I appreciate Liz’s ability to connect the ‘abstract stuff’ with more practical actions. It was also important for me to feel at ease in the coaching situation, and Liz provides that with her bright personality and honesty … even though it’s been several years now since we worked together, I still regularly review the documents we made when making important life decisions.”
Lin, The Netherlands

“It’s hard for me to put into words just how much I appreciate my sessions with Liz. She helped me feel normal and comfortable with the process of self exploration, and since our talks I am now more in control of what I will and won’t accept in my life. Liz, I just wish we could have had more time together! You helped me realise how my life could be more fulfilling if I aligned my actions with my deepest values, and I have come out of our coaching sessions feeling invigorated and empowered. Thank you.”
Taneal, Auckland

“With Liz I was able to come to understand my thought processes. She helped me find a deeper understanding of who I am. I now have so much more confidence in myself and I’m willing to put myself ‘out there.’ I’m in a new job now and much much happier. I know what characteristics are important to me – within myself and others.”
Evan, Auckland


Rachel Tynan  |   Life Coach 

Rachel is in her early 50’s and is known for challenging the status quo to help open your eyes to the opportunities in front of you.

Areas of passion are health, career, business and motivation

This won’t be a walk in the park but the light will go on to give you new direction and spark to make the changes you are procrastinating from.

Life is short .. so don’t wait.

Come for a journey of self discovery to unleash the real you


Lynn Walder  |  Psychotherapist and Personal Coach

lynneI had an enjoyable and exciting career as a globe-trotting Fashion Designer for 18 years before deciding my life needed more purpose. This lead me to retrain as a Psychotherapist, and later as a Personal Development Coach. My passion for people, and my belief that self awareness of individuals is essential to maximising their potential, reinforced my decision.

I have chosen, over the years, to work as a coach/therapist, in the toughest of environments (Drug Rehabs, Prison, Psychiatric hospitals) with clients who were extremely challenging, demanding and resistant to change. These clients taught me much about human behaviour.

Because of my own personal experiences in life, I have developed great resilience, tenacity and self-belief. I constantly strive to push through my own fears, which results in continued personal growth. This drives me to support others in achieving the same.

I specialise in the area of Mental Fitness and Emotional Intelligence. I work with clients in developing themselves from the inside out, by focusing on self-awareness, values, authenticity and emotional intelligence. Unless you work on ‘being more’ the ‘having more’ will never satisfy you.

My purpose and drive is:

‘To inspire and empower people to realise their full human potential, to develop their self-awareness, identify their values, and achieve their goals, enabling them to live happy, healthy, authentic lives with a sense of meaning and purpose’.

Read my testimonials here

“I worked with Lynne at Odyssey House where she worked with drug addicts and alcoholics who had dual diagnosis.

As an individual she demonstrates an absolute passion for people development, and empowers others to enhance their lives and bring more richness to it. Her ability to motivate the most resistant of individuals is one of her many strengths.

Lynne is extremely creative in her approach and colourful in her presentation, which makes her fun to work with as a Coach. She is gifted at ‘reading between the lines’ which creates focus for her clients. Her own life experience has resulted in her being very compassionate and non-judgemental of others, and her curiosity and love of people is clear to see.

Lynne is warm, friendly and easy to approach person, who is so passionate about the work she does with others that is heartfelt.”
Namrata Gulani

“Lynne is a dynamic and focussed coach. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious. She has an incredible belief in people and is on a mission to support individuals in reaching their full potential. She works from the ‘inside out’ to ensure the results she achieves with her clients are sustainable for them, by building their self-awareness, self-esteem, authenticity and emotional intelligence. Her insight and ability to see the real issue means she gets to the core of the problem quickly, and is supportive and encouraging in finding solutions.

I worked with Lynne at Mount Eden Prison where she created and delivered classes aimed at rehabilitating the male prisoners. Her warm, friendly nature, natural empathy and non-judgemental attitude, ensured she built great rapport with the men and achieved outstanding results.”
Rosalind Sotomayor-Sugden
Drug Treatment Unit


Alyson Keller  |  Leadership and Personal Development Coach / Facilitator 676A4420Alyson has 14 years as an experienced Leadership and Personal Development Coach and facilitator. She has been involved in working with individuals and teams of people from all ages and backgrounds, ranging from middle to Senior Executive management in small, medium to large corporations as well as individual professionals, Students, Educators and entrepreneurs.

With a wealth of experience in the corporate world, she understands about high achievement, how organisations work and the pressures that individuals within those organisations experience and the impact that this can also have on their personal lives. Her objective as a coach and facilitator is to grow the individual and guide them towards achieving their successful outcomes.

Alyson demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and has a passion and drive for improving the effectiveness and performance of individuals and teams. She is highly experienced in facilitating learning that is designed to effect changes in behaviour. Her energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook help people to be ‘more of themselves’ in all aspects of their lives.

Alyson has a relaxed and empathetic coaching and facilitation style, while she is also not afraid to challenge her clients whenever necessary. She enjoys facing challenges and knows what it takes to step out of her own comfort zones. She is very adaptable and happy to embrace change.

Read my testimonials here

“A huge thanks for such an informative and eye opening session on day one! I am confident all the participants would agree it was a great way to kick off our development journey. I personally have learnt so much about myself already, and have had more than a few pennies drop about where I can start to develop / change / grow, to improve my personal and professional life. Of particular interest to me was how I am viewed by my manager and colleagues, and while seeing this information was scary and challenging, it was also liberating, giving me an opportunity and direction to change how I can effect my relationships and better both myself and team.”
Dave Boulton – Assistant Store Manager

“I’m very glad I got to meet Alyson. She helped me greatly with my confidence and with handling interview situations. Alyson is a very genuine and caring person who I felt comfortable around. I appreciate her helping me step over this obstacle I’ve struggled with for a long time. Thank you so much Alyson, you truly have helped me a lot!”
Jessica – student

“Alyson facilitated a team session with us following a period where there was a feeling that not all of us were ‘on the same page’. The tools Alyson was able to provide the same and the ‘safe’ environment meant the team were able to give feedback to each other which has resulted in a far ‘healthier’ environment.”
Matt Williams   – GM – People Support

“Alyson has a fantastic presentation style that is inclusive and informative. She managed to involve my whole team which is not easy considering they all have strong personalities. She then did some personal coaching for key people within my team and myself. This was fantastic and proved to be very useful for us. She also did a coaching course for me and some senior managers. So thanks Alyson for everything.”
Dan Walker – Commercial Manager

“I recently needed help to clarify the focus, direction and opportunities to maximise in my business. I engaged Alyson for some personal sessions because of her expertise and high level coaching. I was amazed at the results after a couple of sessions with Alyson. She has a fabulous approach and her skill level is second to none. Within a short period of time she managed to help me get very clear on what was the right ‘fit’ for me, the business and potential clients, and I was thrilled. I had thought this would take quite a few meetings, but was surprised how fast she helped me achieve what I needed. I think every successful business executive or business owner needs someone like Alyson. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Fiona Clark – Director, Business Coach, Increase Sales and Profit


David Bryan  |  Business Mentor /Administrator

davidI am South Island born and educated at Nelson College. I graduated from Lincoln College with an Agricultural Commerce degree in 1977 and qualified as a Valuer soon after. My career has focused in the Rural and Property Finance sectors for over 30 years, where I have held senior executive positions, around New Zealand. My roles have been centered around my ability to manage teams and achieve results, through good planning, implementation and communication. In 2010 I left the Corporate sector, when I was made redundant as General Manager, from a company that failed following the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. It was time to reassess and reinvent.

Focus over the last 3 years has been on family and travel, and new business opportunities. My career and my life, have involved considerable vulnerability and change, both in business and in my personal life. With these changes, ones learns to deal with adversity to cope and grow.

Together Kristin and I decided to combine our life experiences and individual skills ,to deliver a programme, that will help others who want to implement change.


Henry Ford |  Financial Planner

henry_bwHenry Ford is an Authorised Financial planner who also holds the international designation of Certified Financial Planner.

He has owned and operated two businesses since 2007. Bradley Nuttall is a financial planning and risk business specialising in helping clients become financially independent.  He also owns a risk practice known as Triplejump that specialises in assisting small business owners and personal clients becoming financially resilient.

Prior to owning his own business Henry worked as an executive in both Westpac and the National Bank of New Zealand.  He started his career as a specialist rural banker and has also spent five years running his own farm.

Read my testimonial here

“My husband and I met Henry this week having engaged him to help us gain clarity on our future financial direction. From the outset he came across as an honest and humble human being.

He endeavoured to understand who we were as people and what we were looking to achieve. At no time did he take over and try to fix us up.  He skillfully facilitated our decision making process and drew the solution from within ourselves.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to achieve a similar outcome.”
Mary and Lab Wilson