So why do we advocate working in a group of 10- 12 in our SWITCH programmes?

1. People gain encouragement from seeing that other people have similar issues- it’s not just them. It is possible to come to a more complete understanding by comparing your situation with someone else’s.

2. During the day you are able to take time out and contemplate while others express ideas that resonate with you. Discussion of certain topics promotes you thinking deeper about your own situation.

3. You gain support from other like minded people who all have the same goal in mind – to make their life better. Often you gain motivation from the others in the group.

4. The dynamics of a group often facilitates advanced learnings. Having to explain in front of others encourages elaboration which leads to a better understanding and self awareness.

Our programmes are now finished for 2014 but it is never too early to get organised for next year. Email us now to express your interest, so we can give you more details of our programmes and dates for 2015.