Testimonials for Kristin Liggins

“Life Coaching gave me the skills to prioritise and the confidence to face a new challenge.”
Dame Susan Devoy

“Your programme enabled me to set realistic goals and manage my time more effectively in order to follow my dream. Even though my grid of life isn’t fully completed, by knowing what the missing pieces are, I am able to take action to find them, helping me live my life passionately.”
Chef for a night

“Life coaching gave me the skills to be able to set goals and a structured pathway to achieve those goals.”

“Life coaching made me become more conscious of my critical and positive sides and the power that they have. The programme has made me more aware of myself and has greatly increased my self confidence.”

“I have found coaching very useful in a number of situations in recent years to support and assist me to work through challenges and barriers that have been holding me back. I appreciate Kristin’s style as her positive approach along with extensive life experience means Kristin can suggest some great strategies and a practical solution focused perspective which I’ve found extremely helpful.” 


“Not at all what I expected, I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t know what. After avoiding my problems for so long I no longer knew what they were. Kristin helped me put things in perspective and focus on what is important to me.”


My time with The Life Coach got me up out of a rut and prompted me to reveal my stale thinking habits. I learnt to see and understand that the only thing keeping myself stuck was infact, me. During our weekly sessions I identified the real priorities in my life – now I use this knowledge to trust that I do know what I want in my life and I can make it happen.”


“The experience of identifying priorities and formulating a realistic plan with a life coach is incredibly valuable. Anyone who is prepared to actively address their beliefs, will almost certainly feel the benefit both immediately and in the future. Sometimes it feels hard and scary but it soon becomes liberating” 


Testimonials for Henry Ford

“My husband and I met Henry this week having engaged him to help us gain clarity on our future financial direction. From the outset he came across as an honest and humble human being.

He endeavoured to understand who we were as people and what we were looking to achieve. At no time did he take over and try to fix us up.  He skillfully facilitated our decision making process and drew the solution from within ourselves.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to achieve a similar outcome.”
Mary and Lab Wilson


Testimonials for Sheena Hendon

“Coaching with Sheena really did change my life – it gave me the clarity to know what I want and the courage to and do it. The move to SA was so right and your work with me made it happen. Thanks again.”
Leonie Winters SA

“One year out from our sessions and I am exactly where I want to be with my weight. Thanks for working with me to accept and love myself as I am – without that I am sure I would still be unhappy with my weight. I am still practising everything you taught me”.
Heather S, St Heliers, Auckland

“Your NLP course for Business at Selwyn was just fantastic – the ah ha moment when I realised I wasn’t living a life of integrity, aligned with my core values (namely creativity) may seem small but it was BIG for me – it made me realise how much better life could be and how much more exciting. I am really looking forward to discovering a new career path and some point in the near future leaving my current job – fingers crossed.”
Richard X, Auckland

“Sheena I had to email – this month is the first time since I can remember that I did not have my normal monthly cramps and mood swings. You are a star.”
Sally X, Auckland


Testimonials for Lynne Walder:

“I worked with Lynne at Odyssey House where she worked with drug addicts and alcoholics who had dual diagnosis.

As an individual she demonstrates an absolute passion for people development, and empowers others to enhance their lives and bring more richness to it. Her ability to motivate the most resistant of individuals is one of her many strengths.

Lynne is extremely creative in her approach and colourful in her presentation, which makes her fun to work with as a Coach. She is gifted at ‘reading between the lines’ which creates focus for her clients. Her own life experience has resulted in her being very compassionate and non-judgemental of others, and her curiosity and love of people is clear to see.

Lynne is warm, friendly and easy to approach person, who is so passionate about the work she does with others that is heartfelt.”
Namrata Gulani

“Lynne is a dynamic and focussed coach. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious. She has an incredible belief in people and is on a mission to support individuals in reaching their full potential. She works from the ‘inside out’ to ensure the results she achieves with her clients are sustainable for them, by building their self-awareness, self-esteem, authenticity and emotional intelligence. Her insight and ability to see the real issue means she gets to the core of the problem quickly, and is supportive and encouraging in finding solutions.

I worked with Lynne at Mount Eden Prison where she created and delivered classes aimed at rehabilitating the male prisoners. Her warm, friendly nature, natural empathy and non-judgemental attitude, ensured she built great rapport with the men and achieved outstanding results.”
Rosalind Sotomayor-Sugden
Drug Treatment Unit


Testimonials for Allison Fisher:

“Allison assisted me enormously at a time in my life where I was confronted with too many life changing events at once. She worked with me to identify the issues and more importantly to agree which to address first in order to progress. Working with Allison empowered me to take the decisions I needed, while reminding me to look after my own needs and not just those of others. In many ways Allison has been a rock to me at a crucial time and I’m very thankful for her wisdom and guidance.”
Ray, Corporate Career

“Working with Allison has been valuable to my future job search. It has helped confirm suspicions of my weaknesses and strengths and suitable work roles. I am very grateful for the exploration, guidance and confirmation received.”
Penny, Bachelor of Science, Administrator

“Allison is very open and honest, she has the ability to listen and understand individual needs and requirements. Allison has not only helped on a professional level in Business but also a personal level coaching my teenage son. Highly recommended.”
Rochelle, Operations Manager

“I have worked with Alison twice in the past 5 years. Alison is adept at getting you to think hard about what really drives you, and expertly blends strong quantitative methods with a genuine, warm and empathetic approach to her coaching. Allison appreciates that finding your way in the world can be a long haul, and she continues to be unfailingly supportive and helpful long after our time working together. I recommend Alison’s services highly to anyone who feels they need an expert ear when it comes to figuring out what they really want from life.”
Andrew, Production Manager

“Allison has an engaging style able to draw people in and get the best from them. She has the right balance of strong business acumen coupled with well developed interpersonal skills and as a result develops practical solutions to suit the organisation and the individuals concerned.”
Jacqui, Director of Salt Recruitment