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To be a great life coach, one must have a great deal of life experience.  Kristin Liggins has sure had that.  Her first marriage ended in separation.  Her ex-husband suffered from severe depression that he would, years later, take his own life.  Kristin steered herself and her children through the grieving process and took stock-reassessing what truly mattered. ‘But change is hard.”says Kristin. “So hard that most people avoid it at all costs. By avoiding change, we create even bigger problems such as lost opportunities,broken relationships,or sometimes even a wasted life.”

Her first steps of her new life’s journey took her across the Southern Alps on the gruelling Coast to Coast multi-sport event. Kristin found love again, and remarried. Her biggest- and bravest-gamble was to give up the emotional and financial security of a highly respected job.”After 25 years as a dental surgeon, I decided I wanted a change in career, but I didn’t know where or how to start, she says.”It was the year 2000 and life coaching was very new in New Zealand.I liked what I read and decided to give it a go.The coaching was so inspirational that I decided to become a life coach myself and that was when TLC- TheLifeCoach was born. It’s been quite a journey. The transition has been the major contributing factor to me gaining the skills to navigate my family through some difficult times.”

TLC – TheLifeCoach provides the solution and tools to assist change. But first of all, you must have the courage to initiate it.”Through personal experience, we know it is hard, but it is possible,”says Kristin. “We have been there and have  come out the other end, positively.We are passionate about helping by sharing our experiences.” All aspects are covered. As well as life coaches, the company has a financial planner, clinical nutritionist, NLP practitioner and psychotherapist.”To successfully change, you may have to remove yourself from everyday life,” continues Kristin.”Propel yourself from your comfort zone to take a journey of self-discovery to find clarity of what you truly want .You can turn your dreams into reality,by aligning your goals and values.”

Two years ago,Kristin and her husband took a gap year to,”re-evaluate life and plan how we wanted to spend our future.” They headed to the Americas ,travelling both the north and south continents,and while there,she says,she had a vision:”We saw first-hand that change is required in our society but they don’t know how to start the process.People said they wanted more from life than the cliched nine-to-five.We saw the effects of the world wide recession in every country we visited.They were faced with the grim reality that the global economic downturn has forced the hands of so many.Life has become overcomplicated and difficult.For some,these hard financial times have manifested in stress,divorce, redundancy and poor health.This is why so many are beginning to re-evaluate how they live their lives.”

One of the most striking aspects of the trip was the realisation of the rewards of simple things.Kristin was overwhelmed when witnessing un-westernised cultures that retained strong family,community and religious traditions,and just as remarkable was an absolute lack of materialism.”Having experienced it, and comparing it with our more complex life, we have come to believe that most people are simply over stimulated by all that is available to them,”says Kristin.”As a society,we don’t take enough time out to just be in touch with ourselves and nature.”

It was this way of thinking that inspired Kristin to expand TLC-TheLifeCoach with the addition of SWITCH, a personal development programme tailored for those serious about change.SWITCH focuses on three aspects of your being;health,wealth and self.The programme,she says,will show you how to ‘switch’ from who you are today, into what you want to be tomorrow.It incorporates classroom teachings with the great outdoors.SWITCH will be based in Parnell,with trips to the Auckland Parks,harbour,waterfront and the Coromandel.

“Change has become hard because we have lost the art of sitting and reflecting,planning and dreaming,”adds Kristin.”To change our behaviour,we must change what we believe.Busyness,caused by thinking we should live our lives a certain way because of advertising,the media and other people,inhibits us from filling our lives with what we truly want.We may believe we must work hard to be successful,but too often it is at the expensive of leisure,family or friends. We must introduce balance.If you have your health,financial freedom and a positive attitude,clear of negativity,you can have a better life and truly do whatever you want.”

Switch for Tomorrow; Don’t fear change, learn from experts how it’s possible.

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