One on One Coaching – Face to Face or Skype

We believe that you are the expert of your life, and you have all the resources you need within. Negative circumstances and past baggage may be obstacles to good decision making by your inner boss. We will show you how to rid yourself of this negativity.
We will motivate you to set exciting and challenging goals. We will leave you with a comprehensive toolset which will allow you to take ownership of your life.
You will benefit; if you are struggling with lifestyle balance, redundancy, lack of job satisfaction, restructuring at work, lack of motivation, relationships or health and well-being.

  • Cost: $150  1½ hr session.
  • Cost: $115   1 hr session

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GROUP ONLINE COURSE: SWITCH for a better life: Think Well. Feel Well. Be Well.

Psychological Stress is the biggest stressor of today’s Western Society.
There are 3 Elements: Anxiety/Stress/Negativity
Your internal dialogue is telling you to be better, do more,  be happier but you don’t know how.

Our online course SWITCH for a better life is for people who want to learn how to change their current life.

To change you need to change how you think.

We will help you understand how humans are wired and what is required  to be more positive,motivated and confident to go after goals that will make you happier and proud of who you are.

You will cover a wide range of aspects that all make life better:

  • Understanding how humans are wired and why change is hard.
  • How to rid yourself of Psychological Stress and be more Mindful.
  • How to use the tensions caused by your current life to motivate you to choose to take action.
  • How to tame your inner critic.
  • How to have a more positive mindset.
  • How to use positive visualisation
  • How to change habits and remove obstacles that have been holding you back.
  • How to set goals that you will succeed in.

This online group workshop will allow you to take a close look at how you are being as a person. It will give you the concepts and tools to see that you do have CHOICE to be WHO you want to be and DO what you want to do.

So why do we advocate working in a group in our SWITCH programme?

  1. People gain encouragement from seeing that other people have similar issues- it’s not just them. It is possible to come to a more complete understanding by comparing your situation with someone else’s.
  2. During the course you are able to take time out and contemplate while others express ideas that resonate with you. Discussion of certain topics promotes you thinking deeper about your own situation.
  3. You gain support from other like minded people who all have the same goal in mind – to make their life better. Often you gain motivation from the others in the group.
  4. The dynamics of a group often facilitates advanced learnings. Having to explain in front of others encourages elaboration which leads to a better understanding and self awareness.

There will be group discussion plus break out groups so you can discuss the material you are covering.

You will have time to work on your own personal workbook.

  • Contact us now for details on when we are available to run a course.
  • Cost: $395 pp

Introductory evening with a life coach…… tips to kickstart change:

The evening will run from 7-9pm and will introduce the concepts of coaching vital to kickstarting the change you want in your life. The starting point to any change is awareness of how your mind  controls your behaviour. Let us give you some insights, then you can decide whether you want to give yourself permission to take control of your life.

  • Call or email us to book a place. The cost is $40 per person.
  • Next night: Contact us now for details on the next available course.
  • Venue:  Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, 24 Balfour Rd Parnell

Understanding the impact of Psychological Stress and how to get rid of it

1.5 hr presentation including question time. This is a taster to our workshop below. What will it cover?

  • We will discuss exactly what it is and how it impacts on us.
  • We will discuss what mindfulness is and how psychological stress gets in the way.
  • We will look at the major elements that create this stress and ways to rid yourself of it.
  • We will give tips on how to create a positive mindset.

  • Contact us now for details on when we are available to run a course.
  • $500 presenter’s fee