Click on image for the pdf of the full article as featured in the February 2014 edition.

Click on image for the pdf of the full article as featured in the February 2014 edition.

As published in The Australian Women’s Weekly – February 2014.  This article shares Kristin Liggin’s personal journey and life experiences to become a LIFE COACH.  Read about Kristin’s personal journey and self-improvement to achieve the life she really wanted.

The Article

Life Coach Kristin Liggins knows what it’s like to experience change- both wanted and not.

Fourteen years ago she was despairing of her life. Married to a depressive husband,who refused to seek treatment,and unfulfilled in her work as a dental surgeon,Kristin was trawling the internet for help.Here she happened upon a life coach-at the time,a rare occupation in new Zealand.

Interested in the active,goal-setting nature of the work,she promptly booked herself a session,a move that resulted in drastic changes in both her professional and personal life.

“It was amazing.It gave me clarity of thought and allowed me to ask myself the questions I really needed to ask,and to contemplate change.”

That change meant two major steps-leaving her 20-year marriage and then her job of 25 years to become a life-coach herself.

“That is the impact it had on me-I was like a sponge, it fascinated me and i couldn’t stop reading.”

In order to make the career change, Kristin examined her values. At the top of the list of needs was variety.’I was doing the same very intense tasks daily and that did not sit well with my desire for variety. Now I do different things everyday and that gives me joy. I feel good.”

Five years after she changed her life, Kristin’s family received a major blow- her ex husband and the father of her then 14- and 16-year-old children committed suicide.She got through,she says,by practising her life coaching skills.

“Through coaching I learnt how to have empathy for my children, how to help them through the grieving process and how to communicate with myself and practise acceptance.People hold on to a lot of guilt.After a suicide everyone blames themselves. Coaching teaches you that there are some things in life that you just can’t change.

“We had to keep taking action to move forward rather than dwelling on the past.I personally knew that getting out into nature and exercising helped,so I took the kids on tramps and did the Coast to Coast helped me keep my head clear.”

Eventually,through a mutual friend,Kristin found love again.”I was doing things and being proactive.When you are in a good space,good things happen-that’s when I met my future husband.”

That husband is Dave Bryan.The pair has recently joined their professional forces to craft a new course- Switch,an intensive eight-day programme for those wanting to create change in their lives.

“When you have too much going on in your head you can’t function or think that well.Imagine there is a computer within you that sends information on what you should do in your life.When too much data is coming in, the computer will malfunction.So if you can clear the recycle bin and the amount of data coming in for a while,the computer will start to run again and send clear messages.”

Dave,who experienced his own seachange after being made redundant from his role as a company CEO during the financial crisis, works on the admin side of the programme and Kristin in the coaching.-they also call on an array of trained practitioners to help people identify issues and make plans.

“We take people out of their everyday lives so that they have time to think life through,set goals and do their planning. By the time they leave they are going to go and implement.”

Kristin’s Self HelpTips For Change

1. Make time and space so you can think clearly.You are the expert of your own life and all the answers are within you-you just need to get into a situation where you can hear them.

2. Look at what is negative in your current reality and identify what is not working for you.

3. Think about the negative associations you have with your current reality and what beliefs may be holding you in a negative place.Over the years  you will have come to believe certain things and those beliefs lock you into habits and control your behaviour subconsciously.

4.If you want to change,you need to change those beliefs.You may believe,” I’m  going  to be fat for the rest of my life because all my family are fat.”Modify that belief to,”If I eat well and do exercise I will lose weight.”

5. Now you’ve changed your thinking, but there is still a habit lurking underneath, so you need to create an “auto-suggestion”-a positive statement or action that needs to be said  or enacted daily for 30 days, which is the time needed to break a habit.

Creating An Auto-Suggestion

Case in point:using Facebook less

– Have a think about what you believe. Previously you may have thought being on Facebook is fun. However the current reality is that it is actually detrimental because it is getting in the way of other things.

-Rewire your thinking. Put new data into your ‘computer” with a positive statement like,”Facebook is beneficialfor me when I check it once a day.”

-Ask yourself,”Do I believe this Statement?”If you don’t ,you need to work harder to find a positive statement that you actually believe.It then becomes your auto-suggestion.

-In the first 30 days,say that to yourself as many times as you can each day.If you won’t remember to say it then write it down somewhere where you will come across it a number of times a day.

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